image of a fixed offshore wind foundation

Fixed Offshore Wind

With a holistic and independent approach, we provide fixed offshore wind platform and foundation solutions with the lowest cost installation strategies that maximise uptime and reliability.

2H Offshore is a leader in the design, transportation and installation of unmanned minimum facilities platforms for shallow water. We leverage our significant experience in the analysis, design, installation and transportation of these offshore structures to provide fast turnaround of fixed offshore wind platform designs for cost estimate, feed and detailed design stages.

Fixed wind foundations

Structural Design

2H Offshore offers concept design, detail engineering, fabrication supervision, and delivery management of fixed foundations. Our multi-disciplinary team of engineers specialise in the design and structural engineering of foundation and support structures including suction pile, driven pile, jacket and monopile foundations.

Foundation Engineering

We have an in-depth knowledge of offshore foundations and engineering. This knowledge covers all key foundation engineering disciplines including:

  • Monopile design
  • Jacket structure design
  • Extreme environment and wave loading analysis​
  • Driveability assessments
  • Installation assessment​
  • Procurement and fabrication support through to Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management (EPCM)
  • Fatigue assessment, in-service monitoring and integrity management of existing assets

Transportation and Installation

2H provides transportation and installation (T&I) engineering and supervision services leveraging our experience of delivering shallow water minimum facility platforms for the oil and gas sector. Our services include:

  • 3rd party verification
  • Fabrication support and witnessing
  • Transportation and installation engineering support.

The result is scalable, innovative and cost-effective installation methods gained from our experience delivering minimum facility platforms for oil and gas.

installation of fixed wind foundation

Asset Management

Digital integrity engineering is a critical tool in the asset integrity of offshore wind farms with fixed wind turbines. Incorporating structural response digital twin technology, fitness-for-service assessments, and integrated data management tools saves developers time and money, gives more visibility of system health, and makes the whole asset integrity process easier to manage. A digital integrity engineering approach offers:
  • Real-time monitoring of critical stress zones – on every wind turbine in the development
  • Accurate data for fitness-for-service evaluations
  • Easy access to critical integrity data
  • Optimised inspections through monitoring & risk assessment