Vision and Values

Our vision:

To be the benchmark for leading edge offshore engineering solutions for tomorrow’s energy needs.

We aim to meet this goal through the ways in which we operate our business and interact with our clients. This includes the adoption of the following principles:

Personal approach

We realise that there is far more to engineering than calculations and drawings. We appreciate the need to continuously develop a rapport with our customers so that they can explain their needs and we can respond appropriately. This close customer contact is achieved through our regional offices which we will continue to grow as the need arises.

Exceeding expectations

We expect to deliver work of a high standard that meets or exceeds our customer expectations. We take great pride in the quality of our work and are always eager to obtain feedback and develop our methods of working in response.

Continued development & growth

Standing still is the kiss of death to any business. We plan to achieve a stable business with steady growth to ensure a satisfactory return for our parent company Acteon, and offer new and evolving opportunities for our employees. We are constantly looking to develop new technology and enhance our engineering processes to set us apart from our competitors and gain improved recognition from our customers.

Technical advancement

We endeavour to understand the broader picture and will never just do what was done last time, without careful consideration. We are always looking for technical advancement in the solutions we propose to our customers, development of new and more efficient methods of working and improvement in the quality of our working practices.

Great workplace

We believe that the success of the company depends on the quality, well-being and state of mind of our employees. We strive to employ the best people for the job, provide a happy environment, continued training and development and regular team building to ensure we really do have a top quality and motivated team.