System Design & Engineering

Structural Engineering

Sophisticated structural engineering capabilities combined with a practical understanding of equipment, materials, installation and operations.

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Key Personnel
Shreenaath Natarajan

Global Director, Malaysia

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2H has a track record of high-quality structural engineering to ensure successful design, installation and longevity of both greenfield and brownfield shallow water assets. Our team of highly qualified engineers use cutting edge tools and design methodologies to provide a complete range of structural engineering services.

Modification & Repair

We engineer solutions that extend existing capabilities and/or asset lives through either modification to existing structures, or by assessing and repairing the damage that may have occurred. As an extension of our other business sectors, we are well placed to provide engineering services that cover:

  • Platform assessment or extensions for new equipment or loading to be expected

  • Conductor and jacket repair solutions from corrosion, vessel impact or other damage factors

  • Initial or retroactive CP systems

  • Centraliser assessment, design or replacement

Grillage & Seafastening

Our grillage and seafastening design capabilities have been developed over many installation campaigns of bespoke shallow and deepwater equipment around the world. We design to suit different environmental conditions, MWS requirements and numerous vessel types, configurations and capacities. Our expertise in both horizontal and vertical lifts and the upending of structures allows us to specialise in the design of grillage and seafastening that not only provides structural stability but also facilitates simple and effective installation activities and limits fabrication costs and time.

Naval Architecture

We perform a wide range of naval architecture services for marine and offshore clients including structural analysis and design, stability assessments, vessel optimisations, safety and project support.

Key Services

Modification and Repair

  • Platform deck and facility extensions

  • Jacket/conductor assessment and repair

  • Centraliser assessment and design

  • End of field life strategy and asset redevelopment/decommissioning

Grillage and Seafastening

  • Vessel and payload motion analysis

  • Vessel strength and stability assessments

  • Grillage frame and strong point design

  • Load-out/Load-in ballasting calculations

Structural Engineering Verification

  • 3rd party verification for operators and service companies

  • Regulatory advice and assessments

  • Interface management

  • Project management and support functions

  • MWS interaction and co-operation

  • Load-out/load-in ballasting calculations

Naval Architecture

  • Project management

  • Conceptual design analysis

  • FEED analysis

  • Detailed design

  • Load-out engineering

  • Transportation engineering

  • Installation engineering

  • Supervision assistance for loadout and installation operations

Key Personnel
Shreenaath Natarajan

Global Director, Malaysia

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