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Permitting & Regulatory Support

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Permitting and regulatory support

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2H Offshore provides expert guidance on permitting for energy operations to simplify and expedite the regulatory process.

Permit Acquisition & Modification

We have an outstanding track record of helping clients secure project permits in the most stringent regulatory environments, both onshore and offshore. Working with various stakeholders, from regulatory authorities to public interest groups, our experienced staff help clients navigate and expedite complex regulatory processes.

By working as the permitting agent or in support of clients’ regulatory staff, we have earned the trust of agency representatives – an essential component for project success. Working together with clients and agencies, we can minimize permitting review times for complex projects and successfully negotiate reasonable mitigation measures that meet the goals of environmental protection.

Key Services

  • Agency interface and coordination

  • Permit feasibility studies

  • Permit application preparation and acquisition

  • Permit scheduling

  • Permit modification

  • Land use and conditional use permits

  • Facility permit optimization

  • Injection well permitting

  • Decommissioning permitting

  • Restoration permitting

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