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Comprehensive industry-leading design and analysis services for drilling and intervention risers.

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Industry-leading domain knowledge

2H has extensive experience in the design and analysis of marine drilling risers and completion and workover riser systems. We have led the development of various drilling and intervention technology innovations, including the novel 15K and 20K systems, as well as implementation of managed pressure drilling equipment.

Drilling Risers

Our experience with all modern and legacy rigs, risers and wellhead types enables us to provide efficient turnaround times of comprehensive, system-focused engineering assessments and well-specific operating guidance for drilling risers.

We have industry-leading experience in harsh environments and new frontiers, which require a total system approach where all components of the system, wellhead, conductor, surface casing and riser are considered together to define operating limits. An approach that was pioneered by our team and is now considered best practice.

2H defined best practice in drilling riser system design and analysis having led key industry research such as the AMJIG and DeepStar JIPs and developed the Deepwater Drilling Riser Integrity Management Guidelines.

Completion & Workover Risers

Riser arrangements and methods of implementation can vary considerably and present specific design challenges. Our experience with riser operations and equipment enables us to quickly define operating limits and develop new component requirements and configurations.

Our completion and workover riser projects have covered a range of services, vessel types, interfaces, environments and water depths including many of the most technologically challenging deepwater and HPHT wells.

Riserless Light Well Intervention

Riserless systems with coil tubing, wirelines and umbilicals are challenging due to their flexibility and light weight. Although a cost-effective intervention method, the open water mode of operating exposes them to environmental loads, resulting in high vessel downtime due to strength and fatigue limits.

We understand the global response of RLWI downlines and have novel analytical methods which increase the accuracy of analysis results. We work in collaboration with operators, downline OEMs and rig contractors to optimise system configurations in the early stage of a project to eliminate or reduce operating challenges that may present themselves down the line.

Projects completed

Drilling riser system design and analysis is one of our original core competencies. We have led key research and set the precedence for best practices in the industry as well as completed hundreds of projects around the world.


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