Decommissioning & End of Life

Facility Decommissioning

A “one-stop shop” for facilities abandonment, from cost estimating and permitting through to complete field execution.

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Discuss a project with us

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Our offshore decommissioning services covers all phases of work from equipment flushing and NORM surveys to severing analyses and topsides removal procedures. We offer innovative and cost-saving approaches for equipment reuse and disposal. We are currently planning, engineering, and permitting some of the deepest offshore structures to be abandoned in the U.S. 

Onshore, we have safely and successfully executed the removal of numerous facilities, tank farms, pipelines, and large-scale equipment within operating facilities and environmentally sensitive areas. Our services go beyond just the equipment removal stage as we provide site assessment and remediation expertise as well as site restoration and revegetation capabilities. 

Key Services 

  • Pre-execution Planning and Economic Evaluations

  • Facility Removal Planning, Estimates, Schedules, Bid Packages

  • Regulatory Compliance and Environmental Permitting Assistance

  • Site Assessment and Remediation/Restoration

  • Compliance, Mitigation, and Execution Plans

  • Execution Management and Site Supervision

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