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Systems Qualification & Testing

2H conducts qualification testing of components and fabrication methods typically as part of our activity as a riser integration specialist.

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We have helped define, plan and perform successful qualification testing on a variety of components including taper stress joints, buoyancy modules, mechanical connections, welded connections and the associated inspection systems, tensioning systems, monitoring systems and managed pressure drilling riser components. Our experience extends from high-strength metallic materials to non-metallic materials used in seals, coatings and monitoring.

Our qualification testing capability is focused around two key areas of expertise: that of industry codes and standards such as API, ISO, ASTM, DNV, ABS and NACE, etc, and our knowledge of testing equipment such as valves, fittings, HPU’s, as well as data acquisition systems and methods of data interpretation. This combination of skills enables the development and implementation of detailed testing protocols that have assisted our clients to succeed in their testing programs for both evolution of existing technology and the development of novel technology,

Key Services

  • Outline qualification testing requirements

  • Development of qualification testing plan and procedures (to ABS/DNV process for new technology)

  • Test fixture design and fabrication

  • Identification of testing facilities

  • Identification and sourcing of testing instrumentation and monitoring

  • Review of third-party testing procedures

  • Qualification test costing and scheduling

  • Witness/oversight of third-party testing

Project Experience

  • Total – Moho Nord TLP TTRs threaded and coupled connector make and break qualification testing

  • Chevron – Big Foot SCR weld qualification and test planning

  • Chevron – Tahiti SCR strain gauge qualification test planning

  • Weatherford – Noble Bully II drilling riser crossover adaptor qualification testing

  • BP – Horn Mountain TTR threaded & coupled connector and mid-joint weld fatigue qualification testing

  • TRF JIP – Threaded & coupled connector fatigue performance testing

  • Chevron – Tahiti SCR and flowline fatigue performance in a sour environment

  • Chevron – Tahiti NDT sizing accuracy qualification program

  • STRIDE JIP – VIV suppression system performance tests

  • STRIDE JIP – Fatigue performance testing of reeled pipe

  • DeepStar – Drilling riser damping testing

  • Chevron 20M – Weld qualification of line pipe

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