Mooring and Power Cable Challenges for Floating Offshore Wind

EVENT: Future Trends and Innovations in Offshore Wind

1 Dec 2021

This presentation will cover the following challenges of FOW Dynamic Cable Configuration:

Requires reliability in extreme environments while remaining economical 

  • Relatively shallow water 

  • High sustained winds 

  • Large seastates (likely very directional, large % of WD) 

  • Small, light floaters with dynamic motions (6DOF and large offsets) 


Range of key design attributes to meet: 

  • Functionality/Operations/Reliability 

  • Strength 

  • Fatigue 

  • Environmental impact 

  • Cost (materials, installation, maintenance, insurance) 

  • Risk (applies to all the above) 

Alex Rimmer | Director | London
Alex Rimmer

Director, UK

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