Energy Transition

Technology innovation is what drives us. Finding new commercially viable solutions to industry challenges is something we have been doing for decades. With the real threat of climate change, we are playing our part by using our expertise to develop technologies to help secure a more sustainable energy future.

sea and sky scene with wind turbines

Transferable expertise to expedite technology development

We believe technological innovations are key to accelerating the energy transition. While the world is moving fast from fossil fuels, there is plenty that can be learned from organizations that originally established themselves in the oil industry.

After 30 years in the offshore business, we consider ourselves experts in everything from the platform to the seabed. We understand the environment. We know how structures behave in it. We know how best to build, fabricate and install them. What makes us special is that we use advanced engineering techniques to optimize the design, the components, the materials, and the processes, to make them even more robust, more cost-effective and perform better.

We are now using that same expertise and innovative thinking to develop a wider range of energy solutions in offshore wind and decarbonisation, helping create efficiencies and reduce costs.  

A diagram of the transferrable skills between floating structures and fixed structures