Integrity, Life Extension & Monitoring

Life Extension

This service is provided collaboratively by 2H and Clarus Subsea Integrity, a division of 2H.

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Discuss a project with us

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We use our proven life extension process, in-house tools and refined analysis to help offshore operators evaluate the current condition and future life expectancy of their assets and develop action plans to support asset life extension.

Our extensive integrity engineering experience combined with a diverse technical team of subject matter experts allows us to deliver cost-effective planning, targeted engineering solutions, and regulatory approval for full facility life extension.

Life Extension Assessment

Our life extension process begins with a review of design and as-built information. The design data along with operational histories, inspection records and monitoring data help us develop a condition assessment. Even with limited data, we can use analysis assumptions and predictions to decrease uncertainty to confidently predict an asset’s remaining service life and whether life extension is a viable option.

Following the condition assessment, we identify critical components and strategies with advanced engineering, modifications or repairs to help achieve life extension goals. Lastly, we develop forward looking risk-based IM plans required to ensure acceptable performance for the desired life of assets.

Project Management

We make it easy for clients by managing life extension projects from start to finish.  We provide a single point of accountability, from life extension roadmap development, condition assessment, managing inspections and vendors, repairs and mitigation activities, preparing and submitting life extension applications, and liaising with regulatory bodies (e.g. USCG and BSEE in Gulf of Mexico).

Select Project Experience

  • TRACS JIP - an initiative led by 2H Offshore to standardise the tensioned riser life extension assessment and achieve consensus between industry and regulatory bodies.

  • GoM Spar Production TTR and oil export SCR (3,330ft)

  • GoM TLP Oil Export TTR (2,900ft)

  • GoM Semi Infield and Export SCRs (6,350ft)

  • Marlin King pipe in pipe SCRs Marlin oil and gas export SCRs analysis and flex joint change out

  • Marlin TLP TTRs

  • Noble Energy Neptune Spar oil and gas export flexible risers

  • Noble Energy Neptune Spar Swordfish flexible risers

  • BP Na Kika infield SCRs life extension CVA

  • FMOG Horn Mountain export SCRs

  • BP Thunder Horse SCRs fitness for service assessment