Decommissioning & End of Life

A holistic approach to decommissioning to maximise operations, optimise logistics and schedules, minimise risk, reduce costs and protect the environment.

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Discuss a project with us

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In house expertise for all aspects of abandonment and decommissioning

Removing aged offshore platforms and subsea architecture after years of service requires a multi-disciplinary team to carry out the many tasks involved. Our holistic approach allows operations to continue right up to cessation of production (CoP) and results in significant cost savings.

From end-of-field-life determination to final lease clearance, we can assist with every aspect of facility abandonment be it onshore facilities, platforms, pipelines or single wells. We use an integrated team approach to prepare detailed plans and procedures for well plugging and abandonment, equipment and pipeline flushing, platform topsides removal, jacket dismantlement, tow and salvage/scrapping plans. We have a team highly experienced in decommissioning which has been instrumental in planning the abandonment of some of the world’s deepest fixed- and tension-leg platforms as well as LNG gasification plants.

Bridging the gap between operations and decommissioning

We provide clients the data, plan and tools to bridge the divide between operational and decommissioning teams facilitating post-CoP activities which can be scheduled whilst the asset remains on-line. Not only does this generate cost savings but also provides an effective mechanism for managing the risks and challenges through late life operations and decommissioning.

Practical, well-conceived solutions to complex decommissioning challenges

Our team looks at each project in isolation, leveraging our engineering expertise and practical knowledge of tools and technologies available to design optimal plans and procedures for the individual project scenario. We often specialise in projects that present unique technical or logistical challenges devising innovative solutions to ensure decommissioning activities can be completed safely and while protecting the environment.

We have worked on the world's first rigless P&A project and have done work for many North Sea platforms that are over 30 years old and present numerous technical challenges for P&A and decommissioning.

Group partners who can provide complementary services

While we operate independently devising solutions that use the best equipment and third party suppliers for the project, being owned by Acteon enables us to draw on a large pool of skills and expertise to complement those we have in-house if preferred. In terms of decommissioning, that means convenient access to offshore and onshore field personnel, cutting, cleaning and recovery services.

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