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Component Detailed Design

Detailed engineering and FEA for a wide range offshore components and connectors.

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Diverse Track Record

We have a diverse track record of component detailed design ranging from bolting systems, pin/box stab connections, sea fastening arrangements, ROV tooling, split rings, spider gimbals, auxiliary line friction clamps, subsea jumpers, installation guides and tables, manifold skids, suction piles, riser flange connections, riser pull-tubes, riser crossover adaptors, wellheads, BOPs, TLP tendons, and more.

Multi-disciplined Team 

Our engineers come from a variety of disciplines including civil, structural, mechanical, aerospace, and electrical and have extensive experience using finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and CAD for the development of offshore components. We use the latest versions of the most popular software simulation packages and are well-versed in interpretation and verification of the output from these tools to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

We have conducted detailed engineering and FEA of almost every type of riser connector including flange, union nut, dog and window, clamp, collet, tool joint and T&C type couplings.

Key Services

  • Component-level finite element analysis (FEA)

  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations

  • Strength, sealing and fatigue analyses

  • SCF and engineering critical assessments

  • Machine, fabrication and assembly-level component detailed drawings

  • Structural weldment detailed drawings

  • Installation and product layout detailed drawings

  • Material, component and functional specifications

  • Procurement support

  • Fabrication management including fit-up, coating, and assembly and pressure testing

  • Design and delivery of MPD components

Project Experience

  • Weatherford – design and delivery of MPD riser stack equipment

  • OneSubsea – 10k Non-Welded Completion Riser Coupling FEA

  • ALCOA – Aluminum Drilling Riser Flange Design

  • Total Moho Nord TLP TTR’s – Installation Table Design

  • 5D Oilfield Magnetics – Marine Riser Open Hole Net Concept Design

  • Weatherford – Crossover Adaptor Engineering

  • Shell – West Boreas Annular Line Clamp Design

  • Grant Prideco – XTM 69 Coupling Finite Element Analysis

  • Weatherford – Noble Bully 2 Crossover and Split Ring Delivery

  • Alcoa – QGOG Olinda Star Running Tools Design

  • GE – 20K Drilling Riser Spider Gimbal Design

  • Weatherford – Manifold Thermal Analysis

  • Chevron – Big Foot TLP Tendon Analysis

  • BP – Containment Response System Wellhead Weak Point Analysis

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