When Monopiles Don’t Work: Fixed Wind Foundation Selection

EVENT: ACP Offshore WindPower

18 Oct 2022

Monopiles are the de facto solution for offshore fixed wind developments for good reason. They are a simple low-cost solution with well-established fabrication, transportation and installation procedures. However, the industry drive for larger higher power turbines and expansion into deeper waters is pushing the technical limits and feasibility of this field proven industry solution. As an example, the overturning moment for a 15MW turbine more than doubles in comparison to a 10MW turbine, necessitating much larger diameter monopiles and associated installation vessels and hardware.

This paper refers to a location where monopiles prove to be technically challenging, considering development specific parameters, such as the turbine size, water depth, geotechnical conditions, environmental requirements, available installation vessels and local regulatory requirements.

Mike Campbell

Global Director, USA

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Luiza Ferreira

Principal Engineer

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Ben Andrew

Director, UK

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