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Package Engineering & Procurement

A specialist team dedicated to the detailed design, specification and procurement of riser system components and sub-assemblies to ensure the delivery of a fully installable, operable, reliable and maintainable riser design.

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Key Personnel
Pete Padelopoulos

Senior Principal Engineer, USA

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John Tapley

Senior Principal Engineer, US

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Package Engineering

Our analysis and system engineering team ensures that the riser system global design meets every project’s functional and operational requirements. This team guarantees the riser system is installable, operable, reliable and maintainable. Our materials, welding and corrosion engineering specialists develop system specifications at the start of detailed design. Then, they technically support the procurement and fabrication phases as part of follow on engineering.

Package and system engineers generate all documents specifying the requirements for the riser components or sub-assemblies. These documents form the technical package of the requisition issued to suppliers and the package engineers are subsequently involved in the technical bid reviews.

They also oversee the equipment manufacturing phase – providing the follow-on engineering support required to review supplier documentation, manage design changes, and address supplier concessions and manufacturing non-conformances.

Procurement Services

2H procurement services include complete commercial management of the equipment packages – pre and post-purchase order placement. We are able to procure equipment within a client’s purchasing system or by using our own in-house purchasing system. Our procurement services include:

  • Pre-qualification of suppliers

  • Preparation of request for quotation (RFQ) packages and their issue

  • Terms and conditions negotiations

  • Evaluation of prospective supplier bids

  • Recommendation to award

  • Issue of purchase orders

  • Progress tracking and expediting of orders

  • Management of supplier invoices and claims

  • Shipping and logistics

  • Purchase order closeout

Quality Control & Inspection

Quality control and inspection services are fully integrated into the 2H project organization, allowing a seamless interface with the package engineering and procurement teams. This is particularly important for riser equipment packages that typically have the highest criticality level and a high level of project specification.

Project Experience

  • LLOG – Otis SCR: delivery management of titanium tapered stress joint for a production tie-back SCR hang-off on the Delta House deep draft semi-submersible. The scope includes the titanium taper joint body and steel forging adapters.

  • Weatherford – MPD Cross-Over Riser Joints: delivery management of cross-over joints required to integrate MPD equipment into the drilling riser system of the Noble Bully 2 and Saipem 10000 drillships.

  • Total – Moho Nord TLP Top Tensioned Risers: riser delivery management of the TLP TTR systems for Total’s Moho Nord field development, offshore Congo. The scope of work includes 17 production and water injection top tensioned risers and one high-pressure drilling riser.

  • Chevron – Big Foot TLP Top Tensioner Risers and SCRs: detailed design and delivery management of the Big Foot TLP riser systems including 2 high-pressure drilling risers, 15 production/water injection TTRs and oil and gas export SCRs.

  • LLOG – Delta House SCRs: delivery management of titanium tapered stress joints for production and export SCR hang-offs on the Delta House deep draft semi-submersible. The scope includes the titanium taper joint body and steel forging adapters.

  • Total – Donggala HP Drilling Riser: detailed design and supply of the taper joints, transition joints and riser monitoring system for the Donggala high-pressure drilling riser system for use on a drilling vessel in 2,000m water depth, offshore Indonesia.

  • Total – Akpo Completion Riser: detailed design and supplied the taper joints for the completion riser system for use on the Akpo subsea development in 1300m water depth, offshore Nigeria.

  • Tuscan – Ardmore Production Risers: design and supply of 4 top tensioned high-pressure production riser systems for the Tuscan Ardmore fixed platform field development in the UK North Sea. Working together with parent company Acteon.

  • BP and The University of Aberdeen’s Oceanlab – DELOS Structure: design and supply of a pioneering glass fiber constructed environmental monitoring system for BP and The University of Aberdeen’s Oceanlab for research in offshore Angola.

  • Conoco/Hydril – Subsea MudLift Drilling Riser Modifications: design and integration of additional 6 inch power and mud lift return lines into a 21-in marine drilling riser for use with a subsea mud pump – as part of a dual gradient drilling field trial performed in 910 feet water depth.

  • BP – Horn Mountain Top Tensioned Riser Centralizers: specification and management of the TTR inner casing centralizer supply for the BP Horn Mountain Spar development located in the 5,500ft water depth, Gulf of Mexico.

Key Personnel
Pete Padelopoulos

Senior Principal Engineer, USA

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John Tapley

Senior Principal Engineer, US

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