Minimum Facility Platforms

Low-cost, lightweight minimum facilities wellhead platforms with fast-track delivery, optimised for early production, marginal field developments and expanding existing infrastructure

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Key Personnel
Shreenaath Natarajan

Global Director, Malaysia

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Ben Andrew

Director, UK

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Conductor-supported minimum facility platforms (MFPs) are a field-proven, flexible alternative to traditional jacket platforms suitable for water depths up to 120m. Well conductors are used as the foundation and structural support for the topsides and, depending on the size, are fully installable by a jack-up drilling rig. Minimizing the size of the conventional jacket reduces lead times for materials and construction. It allows for fabrication at local yards, resulting in reduced overall project costs, significantly shorter delivery times, and where required, improved project local content.

With 15 years’ expertise in the design and delivery of MFPs, coupled with our experience in offshore operations, we design the most appropriate solution for your development and safely deliver your project from concept through to delivery in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Our MFP designs are lightweight structures suitable for benign environments, minimal topside facilities or low well counts. These systems are a low-cost solution for exploration, appraisal, early production and satellite developments.  Completely rig installable and with quick in-country delivery, they can significantly fast-track production opportunities without the expense of a traditional jacket platform or subsea development.


The MFP is our standard platform solution that is the most comparable to a traditional jacket platform. These conductor-supported platforms are highly adaptable to suit many different and specific applications using pre-engineered components and installation methods. The system is modular and uses field-proven technology to meet the demand for local content and cost and schedule efficiencies.

The modular design allows drilling and tree installation to start during the topsides fabrication process with a subsea structure and drilling template installed prior to the topsides completion, shortening the time to first oil or gas and reducing overall project costs.


The MFP+ platform offers the advantages and cost savings of the standard MFP but is specially designed for greater water depths, harsher environments, greater well counts and heavier topsides.

Platform Extensions & Slot Additions

Conductor-supported platforms are often installed as stand-alone facilities, but they are also a convenient way of extending existing platforms. Installed alongside an existing platform, our extension wellhead platforms can provide additional well slots and use the topsides facilities of the existing assets, minimising or eliminating the need for strengthening of the existing platform or relying on old or potentially damaged conductors for slot recoveries.

Key Services

Concept & FEED

  • Feasibility assessment and concept selection

  • Preliminary platform and foundation analysis and engineering

  • Preliminary facilities engineering and functional requirements

Detailed Engineering & Design

  • Detailed structural design and analysis

  • Process and facilities engineering and design

  • Equipment specification and interface management

  • Conductor sizing, stability and strength analysis

  • Detailed component design and analysis

  • Pile foundation and driveability assessment

  • 3D modelling and simulations

  • Well engineering

  • Flexible riser and umbilical engineering

Procurement & Logistics

  • Requisition preparation

  • Technical and commercial bid evaluation

  • QA/QC witnessing and support

  • PO management and expediting


  • Project management and execution services

  • On-site personnel for fabrication management including QA/QC

  • Technical support to expedite resolution of site technical queries

  • Load-out and transportation procedures

  • Inspection and test planning (FAT/EFAT/SIT)


  • Vessel specification, review and selection

  • Vessel contracting and management

  • Seafastening and grillage design, vessel stability

Installation and Commissioning

  • Installation engineering and analysis

  • Development of lifting and skidding practices acceptable to the contractor

  • Detailed installation procedures, schedules and budgets

  • Installation supervision

Pre-commissioning and commissioning integrity management

  • Development of integrity management plans

  • Structural evaluation and recommendations


  • Removal engineering and analysis

  • Development of lifting plans

  • Detailed removal procedures, schedules and budgets

  • Removal supervision

Key Personnel
Shreenaath Natarajan

Global Director, Malaysia

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Ben Andrew

Director, UK

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SE Asia Minimum Facilities Platform Design

2H designed a platform solution and installation process that reduced cost, accelerated installation and enabled early production for an operator in South East Asia.

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