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2H Offshore provides project management services for offshore energy projects that present unusual technical or logistical challenges or those located in environmentally or politically sensitive areas.

Project Management

Our project managers include experienced engineers and operations personnel with a keen understanding of the metrics and drivers for successful projects. They are adept at risk assessment and identifying critical-path activities and managing competing priorities placing a strong emphasis on safety and the environment and understanding the importance of cost and schedule control.

In recent years we have gained a reputation for tackling more demanding projects and the ability to combine technology from different areas to devise innovative solutions that provide immediate and tangible benefits for clients.

Our project management services typically cover three key phases:

  • Strategy development – the identification and formal evaluation of all the available project options followed by the selection of the best way forward

  • Planning – involving contract strategy, cost estimating and budgeting, stakeholder identification, environmental evaluation, project permitting, scheduling and logistics and all operating and financial approvals

  • Execution – covering bid preparation, contractor selection, contractor management, equipment and materials procurement, regulatory compliance, and traditional project management and site supervision

Due Diligence & Feasibility Assessments

Mergers and acquisitions require an understanding of field operations, asset conditions, regulatory obligations, and environmental risks. We provide due diligence services in support of M&As, preparing technical, environmental and regulatory reviews for acquisition and divestiture of producing and non-producing energy assets.

We help clients identify risks and liabilities, including potential future long-term liabilities that could impact transaction price. We evaluate the effectiveness of current operations and assess the feasibility of future development plans, including permitability and capital cost estimates. We prepare up-to-date decommissioning and well P&A estimates using our in-house experience of decommissioning projects. A project experience and cost database is maintained to ensure our clients receive the benefit of our years of successfully executing decommissioning projects.

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