offshore verification and CVA

System Verification & CVA

2H Offshore helps Gulf of Mexico operators complete verification of offshore riser systems as a third-party certified verification agent (CVA). We are also one of the first companies to conduct CVA activities for the gas lift umbilicals.

We have extensive experience in third-party offshore verification of the design, fabrication, and installation of all types of offshore risers including SCRs, TTRs, hybrid risers and flexible risers.

We perform independent verification in the Gulf of Mexico and offshore Africa. For systems in the Gulf of Mexico, independent verification is a requirement of the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE). Under 30 CFR 250.910(B)(1)(i) and (2)(i), pipelines connected to floating platforms are subject to the platform verification program as associated structures.

Key Services

  • Review and validation of design and installation documentation and procedures
  • Certified verification agent (CVA) – design, fabrication, and installation
  • Monitoring of fabrication and installation
  • Review and validation of existing designs and installed systems
  • GoM riser life extension CVA

Project Experience

  • Noble Energy – Big Bend-Dantzler SCR and Gas Lift Umbilical Design, Fabrication and Installation CVA
  • Tullow Oil – Jubilee Flexible Risers Procurement Management
  • Hess/Williams – Tubular Bells Design, Fabrication and Installation CVA
  • Hess/Enbridge – Stampede Design, Fabrication and Installation CVA
  • Noble Energy – Gunflint SCR Design, Fabrication and Installation CVA
  • Chevron – Jack St. Malo Production and Export SCR Design, Fabrication and Installation CVA
  • ATP – Mirage MinDoc TTR Design CVA
  • BP – Horn Mountain Spar TTR Design Verification
  • Petrobras America Inc. – Cascade Chinook Chain Link Fatigue Life Independent Analysis Confirming Design
  • BP – Dorado and Galapagos Production SCR Design CVA
  • Chevron – Tahiti Development Production and Export SCRs CVA
  • ExxonMobil – Erha Production SCRs Design Verification
  • Statoil – Peregrino Weight Aided Wave (WAW) Risers Re-Analysis Study
  • ATP Oil & Gas – Gomez and Telemark Oil Flexible Catenary Riser Design, Fabrication and Installation CVA
  • Talow ERT – Phoenix Flexible Lazy Wave Risers Design, Fabrication and Installation CVA
  • Afren Okoro – Composite Flexible Riser As-Installed Verification