Top Tensioned Riser (TTR) Engineering Integrator Supply Model


1 Nov 2012

Top Tensioned Risers (TTRs) have an established track record for deep water applications in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM), West Africa and Indonesia. However, TTRs are challenging due to their complex and highly iterative design, weight control and multiple interfaces due to numerous nonstandard equipment packages. Interface management and control is critical for successful project execution and hence a ‘systems’ approach to engineering, procurement and integration is highly beneficial.

A commonly used model for the engineering and procurement of TTRs is through an Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) contract. An alternative approach is to use a riser engineering integrator to develop the system design, procurement packages and provide follow-on engineering support and fabrication management. The riser engineering integrator model allows the Operator more influence and flexibility to develop an optimized riser system and minimize the impact of changes during the course of the project. The model is currently being utilized for a high profile deep water GoM TTR development. 

This paper presents an overview of the riser engineering integrator model for a top tensioned riser and compares it to the EPC approach highlighting the technical and commercial advantages and disadvantages between models. 

Ricky Thethi

Global Director, UK

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Pete Padelopoulos

Senior Principal Engineer, USA

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