Tension and Expansion Analysis of Pipe-in-Pipe Risers: Part A, Theoretical Formulation


1 Jul 2013

This paper provides a mathematical model for accurate and efficient calculation of the elongation of each string within a pipe-in-pipe top tensioned riser system due to gravity, pressure and thermal expansions.

The resulting riser system elongation effect is subsequently derived considering the interactions among all riser strings. In the case where a tensioner exists, its nonlinear relationship between tension force and displacement can be captured by using an iterative calculation method. Examples show that the approach is efficient, and this mathematical framework is capable of calculating the riser system tension as well as distributing tension to each string. With the proposed approach, inner riser pipe pretension can be determined efficiently considering load conditions during the life time of the riser system. 


Adam Szucs

Senior Principal Engineer, USA

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Ricky Thethi

Global Director, UK

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Kevin Man
Kevin Man

Principal Engineer

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B. Vue

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