Senior Renewables Expert Appointment in California to Support Local Floating Wind Growth

2H is pleased to announce the appointment of Luiza Ferreira as Principal Engineer – Renewables of its Ventura, California office. Luiza relocated to California from Aberdeen where she spent four years leading renewables engineering for 2H’s UK offices.

11 Jan 2024


Luiza brings with her over 12 years’ experience and extensive expertise in fixed and floating wind. Specializing in systems engineering for floating and bottom-fixed offshore wind foundations and wave energy converters, Luiza was instrumental in achieving 2H’s F4OR (Fit for Offshore Renewables) status in the UK and the development of a dynamic inter-array cable system qualification framework for ORE Catapult.  

Luiza recently attended Renewable UK’s prestigious ‘Future Leaders’ event, an invite-only small group session for emerging leaders in the renewables industry.  

“This addition signifies an exciting phase for the 2H Ventura, California office. Luiza’s expertise in renewables will complement our existing capabilities in permitting, regulatory compliance, engineering, and environmental service offerings.” says Ken Phan, General Manager of 2H’s Ventura, California office.

This strategic move not only supports 2H’s growth within onshore/offshore renewables and decarbonization on the West Coast of the United States but positions 2H as independent end-to-end lifecycle engineering support for energy projects. With a focus on project management, environmental assessments, regulatory compliance, and decommissioning, 2H aims to be a full-service engineering consultancy for its clients. 

Luiza’s addition to the team contributes to 2H’s commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions and supporting the growth of the floating wind industry in California. 

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Luiza Ferreira

Principal Engineer

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