Drilling Riser Management

2H Offshore’s drilling riser management system facilitates operational planning, monitoring and integrity management of marine drilling risers.

Developed as a result of our extensive experience in drilling riser design, analysis, integrity management and operation planning, the system enables asset management, offering pre-drilling advice and real-time operational monitoring. It can be integrated with monitoring instrumentation, and comprises a number of modules allowing users to tailor it to their own specific requirements.

Joint Management System

This module tracks drilling riser joint inventory, usage, maintenance, inspection and stack-up calculations. Electronic files, such as component drawings and riser inspection reports, can be attached to entries in the database providing the comfort that all relevant information can be easily accessed.

Pre-drilling Advisory Tool

This module is used to enhance offshore activities. Static and dynamic drilling riser analysis together with drift-off and hang-off assessments can be performed to optimise the riser stack-ups and produce operating envelopes.

Real-time Drilling Advisory System

This module is used for safe riser operation and incorporates a combination of software-based advisory algorithms with real time inputs from vessel and subsea instrumentation. This allows sensor data collection and visualisation, vessel position optimisation, drift-off and riser emergency disconnect advice using sensor instruments.