Tension and Expansion Analysis of Pipe-in-Pipe Risers: Part B, Finite Element Modeling


1 Jul 2013

We developed a mathematical model for accurately calculating the pipe-in-pipe riser tension and elongation in Part A of the paper. In this Part B, we focus on finite element modeling of the multi-string riser system.

The simulations are performed using two widely used riser analysis finite element software, OrcaFlex and Flexcom. A tensioner supported pipe-in-pipe TTR system is studied. Special measures and considerations in modeling the pipe-in-pipe features are discussed. The finite element analysis solutions are benchmarked against theoretical results considering weight, temperature, pressure, and tensioner loads. Good agreements, including riser stroke and tension distributions between the inner and outer risers along the length of the riser, are observed. The riser dynamic analysis with environmental loads is subsequently performed with finite element software. 


Kevin Man
Kevin Man

Principal Engineer

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David Walters

Global Director, USA

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B. Vue

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