Lessons Learned from Flexible Risers Fatigue Exceedance, followed by Offshore Retermination and Dissection


1 Apr 2021

This presentation covers the following:

  • Field and risers description – Jubilee Field , offshore West Africa

  • Causes of Fatigue exceedance

  • Revised MetOcean data

  • Turret seizer

  • Fatigue analysis – overview, key results and risks identified

  • Inspection and control prior mitigation

  • Mitigation execution – Riser re-termination and retrofit spread-mooring of the vessel

  • Inspection of the recovered section

  • Learning from the dissection and testing of recovered sections.

  • Validation of the pre-analysis based on the assessment of recovered sections

  • Closing statement and conclusions

Pedro Viana
Pedro Viana

Flexible Engineering Manager

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Asad Khalid

Principal Engineer

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Mehrdad Mansour

Subsea Engineering Manager, Tullow Oil

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