Flowline & Pipeline Engineering Services Brochure

2H is an independent engineering contractor that specialises in solving complex subsea challenges to create subsea flowline and pipeline systems that perform optimally and are commercially feasible. Our team of experts combines the latest technology and engineering methodologies with years of experience to deliver tailored solutions that meet the unique challenges of the offshore industry.

27 Mar 2024

What Sets 2H Apart

Advanced Engineering

Our strength lies in understanding the intricacies of flowline and pipeline design and how those systems respond in harsh subsea environments. We leverage advanced engineering techniques to create systems that are uniquely designed to be both robust and efficient.

Bridging the Gap

We have years of expertise in flowlines and pipelines and understand the critical role they play in your subsea infrastructure. Taking all adjacent systems into account early ensures seamless connection and results in a fully cohesive and more reliable system.

Complementary Services

In addition to our core engineering design capabilities, we provide additional specialist engineering services to further optimise and enhance your system’s performance throughout its lifecycle. From early concept geotechnical studies, to buckling analysis and fracture mechanics, to digital twin and IM.


Unlike some other contractors, we operate independently, allowing us to provide unbiased, client-centric solutions. Our commitment is solely to your project and its success.