Steel Catenary Risers for Deepwater Environments

Steel Catenary Risers for Deepwater Environments
May 1998
S. Hatton, N. Willis

Steel catenary risers are a potential solution for future deep and ultra deepwater production applications. However, the complexity of design and installation is greater than for flexible riser systems. The challenge is even more significant when steel catenaries are considered for harsh environments such as West of Shetland, where extreme and long-term environmental conditions are amongst the most severe in the world, causing the risers to be highly dynamic and fatigue sensitive.

The STRIDE JIP (STeel RIsers for Deepwater Environments) was initiated with the purpose of increasing confidence levels in the design methods and defining practical installation procedures suitable for harsh environments. In these locations weather windows are short, installation vessel motions high and fabrication quality is paramount.

The paper presents the scope of the STRIDE JIP and key findings of Phase I. Remaining areas of uncertainty and the proposed approach for resolution of these during Phase II are discussed. These include improved VIV prediction, touch down point response confirmation, definition of weld quality requirements and effects of plastic deformation.

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