Soil Interaction Effects on Simple Catenary Riser Response

Soil Interaction Effects on Simple Catenary Riser Response
March 2001
R. Thethi - 2H. T. Moros - BP

The paper discusses the effects of riser-seabed soil interaction relating to the design of steel simple catenary risers (SCR) for deepwater developments.

Current riser-soil modeling practices are simplistic compared with testing and field observations, which reveal the potential riser stress raising mechanisms of soil suction and trench wall resistance. Improved riser-soil interaction models are given and their effects on SCR response is shown from parametric analysis conducted in the STRIDE (STeel Risers In Deepwater Environments) Joint Industry Program. The effect of seabed stiffness and soil damping on riser fatigue life is also discussed.

An account is given of the STRIDE Phase III large scale testing initiative to better understand riser-seabed soil interaction and validate riser-soil models.

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