Rigid Risers for Tanker FPSO’s

Rigid Risers for Tanker FPSO’s
June 1995
S. Hatton

Recent development work on the subject of dynamic rigid (steel pipe) risers demonstrates that their scope of application extends beyond that of TLPs in mild environments. Steel catenary configurations can be used on tanker FPSO vessels even in harsh environments typical of the Atlantic Frontier. The potential cost savings over use of flexible risers is large. The technology is suited to a wide range of diameters and with correct material selection, can be used for aggressive and high pressure service conditions.

Two steel catenary riser configurations, which are developments of the steel catenary technology recently used on the Auger TLP in the Gulf of Mexico, are described and discussed. The configurations proposed are specifically developed for application with a tanker FPSO located in a harsh environment such as the Atlantic Frontier.

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