New Approaches to the Design of Rigid Jumpers for Freestanding Hybrid Risers

Rio Pipeline Conference
September 2011
S. Plouzennec, M. Sonawane, T. Eyles

Rigid jumpers connected to the base of freestanding hybrid risers are inherently challenging to design because they must accommodate the translation and rotation of the riser as well as the pipeline. The flexibility required to tolerate the maximum displacements usually makes them susceptible to vibration and fatigue. When the jumper will see slugging and sour service, in addition to the dynamic loads induced by the riser, the problem demands non traditional solutions.
This paper compares the traditional M-shape rigid jumper solution to 4 alternate designs. Those designs include a 3D Zshape jumper, a centre supported V-shape jumper, an arch jumper and a soil supported jumper. Loads and other inputs are generic but realistic. The designs are sized for strength and then compared on the basis of fatigue life and recommendations are given on the suitability of each design for specific applications.

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