MODU Installed Free Standing Hybrid Risers

MODU Installed Free Standing Hybrid Risers
June 2004
F. Lim, E. Lustosa - 2H Offshore Engineering Ltd. F. Roveri, P. Pessoa - Petrobras.

P51 (Marlim Sul) and P52 (Roncador) developments are both considering the single-line free standing hybrid riser (FSHR) design as an option for the 18 in. oil export riser systems. This paper provides the background on the front end engineering designs carried out to achieve confidence that the concept is feasible for both developments, and explains the main features of the design that take best advantage of local practices and Petrobras capabilities.

The world’s first single-line hybrid risers have been installed in West Africa. The evolution to the South Atlantic design is discussed, as well as the main design drivers in the Brazilian environment.


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