Low Cost Field Development using Hybrid Risers

Low Cost Field Development using Hybrid Risers
February 2016
P. Enuganti

This presentation discusses:

  • Surplus rigs in the drilling market is an opportunity to reduce CAPEX by up to 50% and time to first oil by one year compared to an equivalent TLWP.
  • There have been many drilling rig conversions over the last 35 years, mostly to production platforms, except for Luihua which is a drilling and WO semi in 300m water depth moored over a cluster of subsea trees.
  • Subsea trees and freestanding risers enable a MODU to be repurposed as a permanent moored drilling and workover vessel for deepwater.
  • Arrangement provides expansion flexibility to minimize upfront CAPEX and protect against reservoir uncertainty.
  • Risers and vessels can be retrieved and relocated.
  • The drilling vessel and a light construction vessel can be used to install the freestanding risers to avoid the use of an expensive heavy lift installation vessel.

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