Deepwater Riser VIV, Fatigue and Monitoring

Deepwater Riser VIV, Fatigue and Monitoring
March 2000
F. Lim, H. Howells

Vortex induced vibration is (VIV) is a major design issue for all deepwater riser systems operating in regions where severe current can be expected, such as the Gulf of Mexico and offshore Brazil. Cross-flow vibrations of a riser in severe currents can diminish the riser fatigue life, dictate the riser arrangement, fabrication details, vessel layout, installation method, and thus have significant cost impacts at all stages of the field development. The limitations of existing analytical methods and test data for predicting deepwater riser VIV response are discussed. This shows that in-service monitoring or full scale testing is essential to improve our understanding of VIV response and confidence in its predictions. A number of monitoring and test programmes are described and some of the key findings reported. Based on the experience, instrumentation requirements for monitoring VIV response are described and a design approach to deal with VIV is proposed.

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