Deepwater Drilling Riser Technology, VIV & Fatigue Management

Deepwater Drilling Riser Technology, VIV & Fatigue Management
June 1995
H. Howells

Drilling in deep water presents many challenges and current guidance for configuration and operation of drilling risers for deep water, harsh environment applications needs to be extended. An overview of the recently produced Drilling Riser Integrity Mangement Guidelines developed by the AMJIG group is given. The scope of application of these guidelines and a summary of the key findings obtained from assessment of deep water risers in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM), West Africa, West of Shetland and Brazil are given.

While riser analysis is necessary for riser optimisation and assessment of fitness for purpose, it may suffer from a number of limitations and generally involves some conservatism. Such conservatism can be costly in terms of VIV fatigue damage prediction and hence inspection requirements. Monitoring of riser response provides a means of reducing this conservatism. Different approaches for monitoring riser response, in order to minimise conservatism and rationalise inspection requirements are discussed.

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