Advances in Steel Catenary Riser Design

Advances in Steel Catenary Riser Design
January 1995
H. Howells

Riser systems can form a significant proportion of the development costs of floating production systems, which are increasingly being considered for current and future field developments. Steel catenary risers offer a low cost alternative to conventionally used rigid and flexible risers on floating platforms and can also provide economic riser design solutions for fixed platforms.

Steel catenary risers have already been installed on the Shell Auger TLP and the concept is proposed for the Mars and Ram-Powell TLPs. Work is also being carried out on the DeepStar project to investigate the use of steel catenary risers. Consequently, most of the development work carried out to date relates to deep water applications for the Gulf of Mexico. The applicability of the concept to other environments, different water depths and platforms other than a TLP is addressed in the current work.

2H Offshore Engineering have investigated the use of steel catenaries for BP Exploration and further developed the concept in-house. Single flowline and flowline bundle configurations have been considered with varied environmental conditions, water depths and platform type. The key findings of the work are described in this paper.

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