Flexible risers

Flexible Risers

We provide flexible riser and flowline engineering, as well as procurement, fabrication, and integrity management support for shallow and deep water developments. 

From the earliest concept design phases of a project through to maintaining integrity and extending the life of flexible pipe, our experience with flexible risers has developed through collaboration with operators and equipment suppliers, and the execution of projects in the Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, West Africa, Asia Pacific and Brazil.

Flexible pipe has been a successful solution for deep and shallow water riser and flowline systems worldwide. It can be used along the entire riser length or limited to short dynamic sections such as jumpers. Our experience covers all applications from the shortest wellhead jumpers, used on top tensioned risers, to the deepest and longest catenary riser solutions for floating systems.

We use qualified and validated advanced analysis software combined with internally developed analysis tools to design, verify and assess the integrity and remaining life of flexible pipe systems exposed to even the most severe and complex loading conditions. We have also developed risk based methods and testing and monitoring programmes to detect structural degradation of critical interfaces.

Global analysis of flexible riser systems is typically conducted with Flexcom or Orcaflex and BFLEX for cross-sectional assessment. BFLEX enables a range of pipe cross sectional properties to be determined, the stresses and fatigue damage in tensile and pressure armour wires to be assessed and the performance of auxiliary components, such as bend stiffeners confirmed.

By utilising both global and local analysis, 2H can evaluate the remaining fatigue life of existing flexible risers which are close to or exceeding their original service duration and in turn, potentially help avoid costly replacement.

Key Services

  • Riser configuration assessment
  • Global and local strength and fatigue assessment
  • Riser, umbilical and mooring line interference assessment
  • Cross section definition, design & verification
  • Ancillary equipment design
  • Fabrication and testing support and witnessing
  • Procurement and fabrication management
  • Installation engineering
  • Inspection, annulus testing and monitoring
  • Integrity management and failure investigation

Project Experience

  • Tullow Oil – TEN Flexible Riser Engineering Support
  • Wellstream – Dai Hung Flexible Riser Global Analysis
  • OIS – Lufeng Flexible Riser Installation Support
  • Perenco – Su Tu Nau Flexible Riser Feasibility Assessment