mooring line installation

Moorings & Anchors

Leading-edge coupled analysis combined with structural and geotechnical engineering capabilities allow us to provide independent mooring and anchor system engineering for the offshore renewable industry.

Floating offshore wind farms are well on their way to becoming a viable source of clean energy. Mooring and anchors are critical in enabling the technology to be used in deepwater and good design is key to ensuring installability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. With a large multi-disciplinary pool of experienced engineers and resources covering naval architecture, dynamic analysis, structural and geotechnical engineering, 2H is able to offer mooring and anchor assessment and design for floating offshore wind turbines (FOWT) from early-stage concept selection and sizing through to installation and integrity management.

System Design

Our approach to mooring design for floating wind applications considers the response of the system as a whole. We work with models that capture the highly non-linear and coupled response of the turbine, floater and mooring system. The loads in the system are quantified and designed for in the mooring itself but also consider the floater interface and anchor capacity. We also provide advanced fully coupled analysis of floating wind developments that simulate the mooring, power cable, platform and turbine loading characteristics and interaction.

Anchor Selection

floating offshore wind anchor

We are familiar with the full range of anchor concepts including driven, suction, drilled and grouted, drag embedment anchors (DEAs), vertically loaded anchors (VLAs) and suction embedded plate anchors (SEPLAs). Through a combination of our in-house expertise and sister companies in the Acteon group, we consider not just the design of the anchors but their installability. Considering site-specific geotechnical conditions and with intimate understanding of the mooring system, we provide independent concept selection through to detailed engineering.

Our services include providing expertise for planning the anchor installation and include installation plans and costings for all anchor types to suit the site-specific geotechnical data and locally available marine spreads.

Mooring Design

We provide mooring analysis and design for FOWTs from concept through to detail design. Our mooring engineers are experienced with catenary and taught mooring systems and with modelling the characteristics of steel, polyester and nylon moorings. We optimize the mooring design not only to ensure an acceptable mooring response but also to enable cost-effective foundation design and installation and to optimize platform response to minimize any impact on turbine efficiency.

Key Services

  • Mooring concept screening and engineering
  • Early-stage anchor selection and sizing
  • Detailed engineering of moorings and anchors considering site-specific conditions
  • Fully coupled mooring analysis
  • Mooring and anchor installation planning and costing

Project Experience

  • AIS – FOWT Driving mooring pile design
  • Total – Mooring pre-lay and hook-up feasibility study
  • Confidential – FOWT mooring detail design
  • Farwind – Energy Ship mooring concept study