Floating offshore wind turbine illustration

Floating Offshore Wind

Integrated design of floating wind systems from concept through to delivery and installation. We focus on using leading-edge analytical capabilities to solve complex problems and provide optimized designs and costs.

2H Offshore is a leader in marine structure dynamics. Our independent technology-driven approach combined with our practical understanding of offshore systems design, hardware, materials and installation allows us to offer efficient and leading-edge solutions for floating wind developments.

System Design

We take the system integrator role on projects from concept development through to front-end engineering and design. We offer an integrated design approach that considers single and adjacent floating structures, turbines, power cables, anchors and moorings. Our multidisciplinary approach means we can quickly identify challenges and develop the most cost-effective floating wind solutions. Our independent concept selection assessments typically include:

  • Evaluation of different floating concepts
  • Mooring and anchor design selection
  • Mooring footprint optimization
  • Cable feasibility and configuration development
  • Array cable design, cross-section analysis and optimization
  • Hydrogen transportation expertise
  • Response feasibility and design margin
  • Technology challenge identification
  • Technology readiness assessment
  • Installation feasibility assessment
  • Cost and schedule comparison

This multidisciplinary approach allows us to manage system engineering and interfaces between platform, mooring and cable at all project phases.

animation of snapped wind turbine mooring

Advanced Analysis

Our systems approach is complemented by our advanced fully coupled analysis of floating wind developments. We provide efficient, leading-edge simulation of mooring, power cable, platform and turbine loading characteristics and interaction. 2H has a diverse, large pool of experienced engineers and resources covering naval architecture, dynamic analysis and structural engineering.

We use a range of proprietary and commercially available software tools including:

  • Orcaflex
  • SACS
  • Moses
  • Sesam
  • GH Bladed
  • Uflex

Fabrication and Installation

2H can support fabrication and installation activities leveraging our experience of delivering shallow water minimum facility platforms for the oil and gas sector. Services include:

The result is innovative and cost-effective installation methods that consider fabrication facilities and floating structure tow out.

Asset Management

With the help of sensor data and machine learning, digital twin technology provides offshore wind developers with an efficient and economical method of monitoring and inspecting a large number of offshore wind platforms. Digital twins have been proven to work well in the oil and gas industry and we have used them for integrity management of riser systems. As floating offshore wind technology is put into operation around the world, a digital twin will be a critical tool for asset management. Benefits include monitoring mooring lines, power cables and platform structures in real-time, minimising the cost of instrumentation, tracking and forecasting extreme events and fatigue, and ultimately preventing costly failures and unplanned shutdowns. Learn more in the video below.

Thanks to Floating Energy Systems Ltd for use of their Stinger Keel floating foundation concept and tank test data which allowed us to create the animation for this video. Check out their tank test video.