Anomaly & Incident Engineering

2H Offshore provides rapid response engineering assessments to help address clients concerns with riser equipment in the field in order to minimise unplanned downtime and increase operational safety.

Our multi-disciplinary team and in depth equipment knowledge mean that we can provide integrity engineering services for all types of riser systems used in production, export, drilling, completion, and intervention operations. We have an extensive track record in in-service integrity engineering that allows us to execute integrity assessments efficiently and advise on suitable remedial solutions. We can also perform forensic engineering in the event of a failure incident to identify the cause and recommend design modifications where appropriate. Common field problems or anomalies can include degradation of the riser pipe, coatings or seals, and component failures.

Project Experience

  • West Africa – 10in WI flexible riser failure assessment
  • NWS Australia – Downhole casing cross-over failure loading assessment
  • GoM – Post hurricane strength assessment
  • GoM – Wellhead and conductor system snag loading strength assessment
  • NWS Australia –  Subsea conductor system connector fatigue crack evaluation
  • GoM – Evaluation of loss of VIV fairings or excessive fouling of VIV strakes on riser fatigue
  • GoM – TTR reassessment of riser global strength and fatigue due to loss of centralisation
  • GoM – Cathodic protection skid design
  • GoM – Wellhead mechanical connector unplanned disconnection assessment
  • BP – Enterprise drilling riser failure assessment
  • BP Foinaven – Damage evaluation of subsea flowlines from dropped casing
  • Sedco Forex – Drilling riser C&K line stab pocket damage assessment