Riser monitoring data used for riser integrity assessment

Integrity, Life Extension & Monitoring

Leading edge riser integrity engineering to understand asset condition, fitness-for-purpose and life extension opportunities.

The prevention of asset failure and the extension of asset life is crucial to maximise reservoir recovery, minimise costs and enhance the profitability of a development.

To ensure the integrity of riser and conductor systems, we provide a range of specialist services to address day-to-day degradation, response and design anomalies, and failure incidents. Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of riser and conductor systems allow us to support our clients in reliably monitoring and proactively managing the integrity of their assets. This reduces the risk of failure and increases operational life.

We use a holistic combination of structural monitoring, FE analysis, data analytics and machine learning algorithms, informed by over 25 years of engineering experience to predict and understand system integrity issues.

Key Services

  • As-built engineering and historical assessments
  • Fitness for service assessments
  • Remaining life prediction
  • Riser system digital twin
  • Monitoring system design and data processing
  • Inspection, maintenance & repair
  • Anomaly, incident and remediation engineering