Drilling riser deployment

Drilling, Completion & Workover

2H has extensive experience in the design and analysis of marine drilling risers, as well as completion and workover riser systems. We remain at the forefront of drilling and intervention technology innovation – having had major involvement in the development of novel 15k and 20k systems, as well as various implementations of dual gradient equipment.

Drilling Riser Experience

We have worked with all types of drilling risers used in dry and wet tree systems, from shallow to ultra-deepwater, including:

  • Conventional MODU low pressure drilling risers
  • High pressure surface BOP risers
  • Subsea wellhead and conductor systems
  • Fixed platform conductors

Completion & Workover Riser Experience

Our experience in well servicing riser systems covers all types of risers, methods of intervention and vessel types, including:

  • Integral dual bore risers used in shallow water
  • Monobore risers and landing strings for deep water applications
  • Dual rigid line risers for HP/HT applications
  • Riserless subsea intervention and stimulation systems
  • Deployment from shallow and ultra-deep water MODU’s and lightweight intervention vessels
  • Open water and marine riser mode operations

For standard equipment, 2H determines configuration requirements, operating envelopes and provides fitness-for-purpose assessment. For non-standard systems, we provide complete riser design from configuration and global analysis to system detailed engineering and, where needed, component design.

The responsibilities for the design of equipment in well construction and servicing operations is spread between the operator, drilling contractor and equipment vendors. 2H provides support to all of these parties independently whilst also ensuring that the interaction between all parts of the system is properly addressed.