steel catenary risers ready for installation

Steel Catenary Risers

We have conducted hundreds of feasibility studies, detailed design and verification projects for a wide range of steel catenary risers of all sizes, functions, vessel types and water depths.

Our extensive understanding and experience of SCRs mean that we can design an optimal and robust configuration while taking into account your technical and commercial considerations.

We are constantly adapting and evolving our approach to steel catenary riser design and integration management as offshore developments move into deeper water and harsher environments. Recently we developed a lazy wave SCR design to accommodate the severe motion and dynamic loading demands of turret connection and relatively shallow water depths.

Key Services

  • Riser structural analysis and design
  • Materials and corrosion engineering
  • Welding and inspection
  • Fracture mechanics & ECA
  • Riser hardware engineering and delivery management (flex joints, tapered stress joints, strakes, line pipe coatings, cathodic protection).
  • In-service monitoring and life extension

Project Experience

  • BP – Thunder Horse infield production SCR detailed design
  • Chevron – Big Foot TLP export SCR detailed design
  • Chevron – Tahiti import SCR CVA
  • Total – AKPO production SCR detailed design
  • ExxonMobil – Julia production SCR detailed design
  • LLOG – Delta House production and export SCR detailed design and delivery support
  • Chevron – Jack/St. Malo SCR design, fabrication and installation CVA

Did you know?

2H led the STRIDE JIP in the 1990’s and was instrumental in helping the industry address some key areas of SCR design. The JIP was executed over a four-year period, involved more than 20 companies and investigated key design parameters such as touch down point interaction, vortex induced vibration and the effects of pipe reeling on girth weld fatigue.