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Offshore Malaysia Flexible Riser Annulus Testing

2H delivered a comprehensive flexible pipe annulus testing campaign, interpreted test findings and provided integrity recommendations for 14 flexible risers offshore Malaysia.

LOCATION  East Malaysia

Background & Project Scope

The annulus condition of a number of flexible risers on a platform in East Malaysia was unknown and if left unaddressed would have impacted the long-term integrity of the flexible pipe. 2H was tasked with conducting a comprehensive annulus testing programme, including both vacuum testing and positive pressure testing for 14 flexible risers, supplied by three different flexible pipe manufacturers.

The project scope also included general visual inspection of topsides equipment, an end fitting vent port flow test, and annulus gas sampling to establish annulus system integrity and composition of the permeated gases.

Annulus Testing Campaign

2H conducted the entire scope of the flexible riser annulus integrity and condition testing using its in-house, custom-built annulus test kit. The rigorous test programme was completed in accordance with API recommendations, industry best practices and proven methodology developed by our flexible pipe specialists. The test kit works with a variety of interfaces, such as multiple riser/jumper end fitting designs from various flexible vendors, offshore facility interfaces and gas sampling bottles from third-party vendors.

This particular project took 10 weeks (including COVID-19 quarantine) from initial discussions with the operations team to completion of the offshore campaign by 2H personnel. Pre-mobilisation planning was critical in achieving the client’s objectives safely and on schedule, and this included identifying interfaces, procuring project-specific equipment, and developing a customised work pack and procedure.

2H engineers provided round the clock coverage offshore to conduct the testing safely and efficiently.

Integrity Appraisal

Once the testing programme was completed by our offshore personnel, we were able to establish the current condition of each of the 14 flexible riser annuli as well as identify a number of specific integrity issues that needed to be addressed. These were reviewed back onshore by our flexible pipe experts who developed a report with recommendations for follow-on actions, inspection and testing. This provided the client with clear diagnostics of the risers’ integrity condition and allowed them to optimise engineering assessments and maintenance work.

Subsequent Annulus Testing in Malaysia

Further to the annulus testing campaign mentioned above, in 2021, 2H also mobilized and conducted successful annulus testing for two other operators and four facilities, offshore Malaysia. The first of the two campaigns encompassed two risers – one tied back to an FSO and an unmanned wellhead platform, in April; and immediately afterwards, in May, for nine risers connected to an FPSO and a nearby wellhead platform.

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