BP Subsea & Riser Integrity Management

2H Offshore provided BP with subsea and riser integrity management services for their deep water production facilities in the Gulf of Mexico.

We commenced work on the contract in 2005 and, over the ten years that followed, developed and matured the IM systems and processes specifically to handle the challenges of deepwater developments in the Gulf of Mexico. A risk based IM programme was implemented for all in water systems including risers, flowlines, moorings, the in-water hull section, trees, jumpers, manifolds, sleds and umbilicals. The scope of work covered a wide range of riser systems, hull forms and subsea seabed equipment architectures.

From the start of the contract, it was clear that visual inspection could not capture all of the threats identified in the risk assessments and so much effort has been placed on analysing data already being measured in the field as part of normal operations and turning these into key performance indicators for the IM program.