Tahiti SCR Monitoring System Passes Six Month Service Mark

2H Offshore’s online riser monitoring system on Chevron’s Tahiti platform in the Gulf of Mexico passed its six month service mark at the end of November.

The Tahiti riser monitoring system is the first fully operational real time SCR monitoring system with both hang-off and touch down zone measurements. The hang-off portion was installed on January 15th, 2009 and the touch down zone instrumentation was successfully connected on May 22nd, 2009.

The system, which comprises 13 INTEGRIstick dynamic curvature sensors, monitors the riser’s motions and strains in real time and data is automatically transferred to shore on a daily basis. Chevron has collected considerable motion and strain data in the six months since installation and during Hurricane Ida where significant wave heights up to 25ft were measured. The measurements confirm that the SCR monitoring system can be used to accurately provide an effective hurricane response. Mike Campbell, Vice President of Engineering for 2H commented: “The INTEGRIstick has enabled us to provide our clients with increased accuracy and improved reliability in monitoring dynamic subsea structures. We believe the technology is a valuable tool that will benefit many future integrity management programs in the industry.”