Murphy’s Kikeh FTL Pipeline Monitoring System Due for Retrieval

2H Offshore’s pipeline monitoring system on Murphy’s unique fluid transfer line in its Kikeh field off the coast of Malaysia is due for retrieval in January.

2H Offshore, an Acteon company, has worked in partnership with SBM over the last two years to develop the complex fluid transfer system, the first of its kind anywhere in the world. The system of four fluid transfer lines (FTL) between the two FPSOs uses a pipeline system some 1300m long suspended approximately 200m beneath the surface of the sea. A neutrally buoyant bundle of steel pipes supported and tensioned by tether chains and weights links the two floating facilities. The FTL system was installed and has been operating successfully since May of this year.

ROV retrieval of the pipeline’s monitoring system for Murphy Sabah Oil is an important milestone for the groundbreaking project. Data collected from 2H’s 18 stand-alone INTEGRIpod™ motion loggers and two pressure sensors will allow for verification of the engineering assumptions made at the design stage of the system, and will prove valuable in the development of future novel pipeline systems of this kind.