INTEGRIstick Subsea Strain Measurement Device Completes Testing

2H Offshore has successfully completed its development and testing of the new INTEGRIstick™ riser strain sensor that integrates with the INTEGRIpod™ data logger. The new sensor offers a considerable advancement in subsea strain monitoring with improvements in reliability, sensitivity, size, packaging, power consumption and cost over competing systems.

Steve Hatton, principal director, said, “We are very pleased with this new product that allows our clients a high level of confidence in direct strain measurements that were previously highly unreliable and costly”. He continued, “Chevron’s Tahiti spar and steel catenary riser system will see the first project application of this INTEGRIstick™ system and the qualification we’ve conducted has been truly rigorous. This technology now allows us to offer in-house strain solutions in conjunction with the motion sensing in which we are clear market leaders.”