Groundbreaking Environmental Monitoring System Ready for Shipment to Angola

2H Offshore, an Acteon company, has completed the design and supply of a pioneering environmental monitoring system for BP and The University of Aberdeen’s Oceanlab.

The DELOS structure (Deep-Ocean Long-term Environmental Observatory System) will conduct research in deep ocean environments to advance scientific understanding of regions that are poorly understood. The system consists of a subsea structure installed on the seabed, onto which a range of scientific research instrumentation can be docked. Several innovative technologies have been used including a glass fibre construction to reduce environmental impact on the sea floor, as well as a suite of environmental monitoring equipment controlled by low power data logging systems.

BP will install two DELOS systems in offshore Angola at water depths of approximately 1350m to enable environmental comparisons to be made between two sites in the Block 18 Greater Plutonio field. Both systems are intended to operate for a 20-year period with six monthly services by ROV to retrieve and re-install the instrumentation. Initial installation will take place in 2008.