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2H Adds Geoconsultancy Team to Support Growth in Offshore Wind

Advanced systems engineering expert, 2H, is pleased to announce the transfer of the UTEC geoconsultancy specialists to its engineering team.

This marks an exciting time for 2H as its engineering team grows to support further expansion in the offshore renewables and decarbonisation sectors.

The move of the geoconsultancy specialists from UTEC, a geo-services brand in Acteon’s Data and Robotics division, allows 2H to draw on a wider team of specialist, multidisciplinary engineers who can deliver complementary services on projects requiring geotechnical engineering and site characterisation, such as wind farm foundations, pre-piling templates, floating wind anchors, decarbonisation systems, SURF and platforms.

The 2H and geoconsultancy teams found synergies after working together on several recent projects, including a fixed wind leader tower EPC project, piling analysis, floating wind anchors, wind farm cable FEED, and a gravity-based foundation.

Geoconsultancy Technical Manager, Arran Armstrong said, “This is an exciting opportunity for the geoconsultancy team to fully integrate with the numerous engineering disciplines within 2H and provide our clients with a one-stop engineering consultancy. 2H can provide holistic engineering designs for projects with a multi-disciplined team of experienced engineers, and now brings geotechnical foundation design into the Advanced Engineering Systems division”.

New Geoconsultancy Services

The geoconsultancy team specialises in geotechnical engineering design and site characterisation, identification of project risk due to ground conditions, along with determining suitable options for mitigation. The team have a pragmatic understanding of site development lifecycles and construction techniques, and a focus on maximising development cost and schedule efficiencies and steering projects to a successful conclusion. Their expertise includes:

  • Near-surface engineering including pipelines and cables
  • Shallow foundations (gravity base)
  • Intermediate foundations (suction cans, spudcan penetration)
  • Deep foundations (piles, monopiles, conductors)​​​​​​​
  • Desk studies
  • Data acquisition scoping and management
  • Ground modelling

Meet 2H’s Geoconsultancy Team

Arran Armstrong - Technical Manager (Geoconsultancy)Arran Armstrong – Technical Manager (Geoconsultancy), UK

Arran has over 20 years’ experience in the offshore industry after starting as a field engineer undertaking geophysical site surveys and seabed geotechnical site investigations. His career then took him around the world where he gained 10 years of geotechnical drilling experience. Since then, Arran’s geoconsulting expertise has focused on engineering foundation design, ground modelling and managing site surveys and site investigations on behalf of clients.  Arran specializes in the geotechnical assessment of site data/conditions and the identification of risks inherent within this data that are associated with foundations design.

Leo Causey – Technical Authority (Geotechnical), UK

Leo has 25 years’ experience in offshore geotechnics. After starting off in the business doing warranty work, Leo spent 15 years as a consulting engineer trying to marry high-end geotechnical analysis with the pragmatic solutions required by contractors and developers in the renewables and oil and gas industries. In the past few years, Leo has returned to the practicalities of foundation installation, particularly in relation to subsea drilling.

Alex Hunter – Senior Geotechnical Engineer, UAE

Alex has over 11 years’ offshore engineering consultancy experience for the oil and gas and renewable industries and has an extensive track record of engineering throughout the project life cycle.  Alex’s special areas of expertise include both shallow and deep foundation design and analysis for projects worldwide. Most recently, Alex has been based in Dubai, UAE for over 3 years where he has led regional engineering supporting clients in the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions.

John Morton – Senior Geotechnical Engineer, UK

John Morton has over 12 years of combined consultancy and research experience on both onshore and offshore projects. He holds a PhD in offshore geotechnics and is well-published in geotechnical journals. John’s special areas of expertise include soil and rock characterisation, geotechnical centrifuge modelling and geotechnical design & analysis of foundations, anchors and subsea drilling.

​​​​​​​Josh McDowell – Senior Geotechnical Engineer, UK

Josh has over 7 years’ experience in offshore site investigation and geotechnical engineering design, working in both an onshore and offshore capacity. Areas of expertise include site investigation (data interpretation, integration, design & management) and trenching. Most recently, Josh has been seconded to a leading EPCI contractor acting as the Geotechnical Package Lead Engineer, heading up the trenching, subsea rock installation and dredging work packages.

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