2H Offshore launch INTEGRI™ Family of Riser Monitoring Products

2H Offshore have unveiled a suite of riser monitoring products to facilitate simpler product selection by clients with the family name “INTEGRI™”.

The idea behind the naming is that since creating the first specialist VIV measurement and logging instrumentation in 1998 2H had added new product variants as new technology had come to market. “We needed to simplify the product range and wanted to show that the products were part of a coordinated range of products” said Steve Hatton, principal director.

The range product range includes standard as well as bespoke products. For vortex induced vibration logging the standard product of choice would be the INTEGRIpod™-M would be the usual choice although there is a super-precise version with the suffix M+.

2H have also responded to market demand for riser strain based measurements to be taken rather than measuring and logging motion to find out the bending and thus the strain in a riser. “Only recently has technology enabled us to deliver reliable strain measurement without reducing either pipe or coating integrity” said Pei An, instrumentation manager at 2H. He went on, “With a harmonised range we can measure strain using our INTEGRIstick™ at a fraction of the cost of competing systems and log the data in an INTEGRIpod™ or use one of our on-line systems.” Online systems have become vogue in modern riser systems in recent years. Offshore facility operators want to know if their risers are responding as the original designers predicted they would and therefore whether the fatigue life is being used as intended or whether some specific remedial work needs to be planned. The 2005 hurricane season in the Gulf of Mexico has proven the value of monitoring systems.

INTEGRI™ is a trade mark of 2H Offshore. The INTEGRI™ family of products are protected under appropriate international legislation.