2H Expands Flexible Riser Services with BFLEX Analysis

2H has recently strengthened its flexible riser engineering service offering by acquiring the pipe cross-section analysis tool, BFLEX.

BFLEX comprises a suite of analysis software products developed by SINTEF, under sponsorship of the Testrig JIP and the Norwegian Research Council. It has become widely accepted in the industry as an important tool for conducting remnant life assessments by manufacturers and operators alike.

Throughout its development, the analysis methodologies implemented in the software have been rigorously qualified against a number of full scale testing programmes and have been discussed in various industry conference papers. The software enables 2H to assess a wide range of pipe cross sectional properties, the stresses and fatigue damage in tensile and pressure armour wires and the performance of auxiliary components, such as bend stiffeners.

The acquisition of BFLEX will enable 2H to evaluate the remaining fatigue life of existing flexible risers which are close to or exceeding their original service duration and in turn, potentially help avoid costly replacement.

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