Advanced systems engineering specialist, 2H, has launched the second phase of its STREAM (STeel Riser Enhanced Analytics using Measurements) joint industry project (JIP).

Phase one of the JIP involved gathering and analysing field data from five steel catenary risers (SCRs) and one lazy wave riser to demonstrate that industry-standard riser fatigue assessments are overly conservative. The JIP developed improved parameters for more accurate and efficient riser assessments which in turn have helped to drive down costs of greenfield projects and increase commercial value by enabling life extension of marginal assets.

The first phase of the JIP focused on wave and vortex-induced vibration (VIV) driven riser response. The second phase, which started in August 2022, includes an additional SCR data set and focuses on riser response in heave-induced VIV, combined wave and VIV, and extreme storm scenarios.

Currently, four major oil and gas operators and a prominent installation contractor have joined the second phase of the JIP.

“The field data driven approach of the STREAM JIP has allowed us to make significant steps forward in the robustness and accuracy of our riser analyses. These and anticipated future learnings are key as we develop new and challenging subsea fields and extend the lives of our existing developments,” says Michael Tognarelli, Senior Subsea Risers Engineer at BP.

2H invites other interested industry partners to join the JIP and benefit from the field data insights. Contact Dhyan Deka for more information: